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[NETT] Sense® Innovations ESS-AIR+2017 Engine Sound System for RC Electric Airplane

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Sense Hobby ESS-AIR+2017 Engine Sound Simulation for RC Electric Airplane

The above videos are for reference only. The videos feature ESS-Air instead of ESS-Air+2017
Quality product from Sense® Innovations.

Amplifier Instruction
The amplifier supports 5 - 26 V input voltage. The output power changes according to the changes of the input voltage. Therefore, set the volume based on the voltage that is used.

- The amplifier supports speakers with a resistance larger than 4ohm. The speaker with 4ohm resistance
generates optimum power output. When the input power exceeds 12V, ensure proper heat

- Select an appropriate volume to control the output power of the amplifier. When the voltage
exceeds 12 V and the speaker resistance is 4ohm, the output power of the amplifier is the maximum rated power of 15 W.


Functions Description
- ESS-AIR uses advanced DNS/DCR algorithm to reproduce the sound of real engines.
- ESS-AIR supports AUX channel that can simulate a variety of sounds such as gunfire.
- ESS-AIR supports two sets of engine sounds, which enables fast switching between engine sounds.
- ESS-AIR supports RC PLUS to realize functional setting and sound purchasing from sound stores.
- ESS-AIR supports firmware updates and function upgrades.


Important Note
Speakers are consumables. Incorrect installation or excessive power input causes damage to the speaker.
Warranty service is not provided for speaker damage caused by incorrect installation or excessive power

Product Specifications

- Supply voltage range: 5V-26V
- Speaker impedance: 4ohm
- AMP Output power: 15W/12V( under 4ohm)
- Number of audio channels: 2
- Output is short-circuit, overload and thermally protected.
- Box with content: ~232g


Download RCPLUS here
Download free aircraft sounds here
Download free aircraft component sounds here


1 set of Sense® Innovations ESS-AIR+2017 Engine Sound System for R/C Electric Airplane, i.e.:



ESS-Air+2017 1

Speaker with
3M round adhesive tape

T type AMP power cable 1
S-Link 1
Y Line 1
Quick Guide, English Language 1
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