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EP-D100S Ultra-fast Heating/Thermostatic Soldering Iron


100W (Lead-free) with see-through transparent body (not gun shape)

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soldering iron


EP - D series of lead-free soldering soldering iron

EP - D series ultra long life electric iron core lead-free solder, transparent appearance by the new handle, stainless steel housing, a printed circuit ceramic heating elements and the latest integrated automatic temperature controller, etc., directly on the handle knob set temperature, with rapid heating, accurate temperature, light touch, nice, etc.



Has stable welding temperature, high-quality and longevity of the heating element;
warming feature rapid heating, heat recovery and stable temperature compensation;
0 configuration lead-free long life tip, safe and reliable grounding device; energy-saving way of working than the average power consumption low iron 50%



1. Switch on power for 1 minute before carrying out welding work.
2 Adjust temperature using the thermostat knob on the handle. Please note marked temperature on knob.
3. The working temperature can be freely set between 200 degree celsius -500 degree celsius.


Model no. GJ-EP-D100
Voltage 220V
Power 100W
Adjustable temperature

200 - 500 degree celsius

200 - 500°C



1. To prevent oxidation, keeping the tip of the head always hung tin.
2. Do not use strong acidic flux when soldering.
3. Do not repair the file and head banging tip with a file or a hammer.
4. The tip does not appear black on the tin oxide, the first oxide cleaned with detergent infiltration tip tip on the tin parts, re-tin the tip temperature is preferably set at about 250degree celsius.
5. When energized, please do not disassemble part of its electric parts.
6. Must be fitted and should be placed in the iron seat with iron base has a natural heat dissipation structure. (I suggested the use of various types of iron production base)
7. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by qualified personnel.


1 x Soldering iron
1 x Free Adapter, UK 3-pin universal pin

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