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[NETT] Raptor G4 Series, Raptor E720 FL 90-Class Electric Version Flybarless RC Helicopter Kit, Length 1.37M, Assembly required


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Video from THUNDER TIGER CORP. Test Flight by the 2010 Taiwan 3D championship, Ying-Chih Liao

With an all new innovation design that leaps far ahead of all competitions- the bold new 90-size Raptor G4 series from Thunder Tiger, a name you have known and replied upon for quality and high performance helicopters for decades, is going to unleash your imagation. The brand new G4 is designed from a clean sheet for maximum innovative configuration, can be nitro engine powered or electric powered, flybar or flybarless rotor system, which can be full fill expectations from the most demanding and ambitious 3D and F3C pilots.

The superbly engineered, precision made all-metal rotor and control system yield silky handling links you to the machine as one entity. Ultra high performance, smooth, fast and agile, the G4 is capable of winning F3C contests or 3D competition. The Raptor G4 will make your flying dream come true!

1 x Flybarless Raptor 90G4 E720 Helicopter Kit
1 x FRP Canopy
1 x Tail Boom Motor Mount
1 x Quick Release Battery Tray
1 x Instruction Manual

4791-K10 Flybarless is a Kit version (Assembly required). Power system (motor/battery/charger), Main rotor blade, Control and flybarless gyro system are not included.


Powered: Electric Motor
Rotor Head: Flybarless
ECCPM Type:  135-degree ECCPM as standard; Also applicable to a 140-degree program of a transmitter  
Length: 1,367mm (53.8")
Width: 221mm ( 8.7")
Height:  462mm ( 18.2")  
Main Rotor Length / Diameter: 690~720mm/(27.2~28.3") / 1,584~ 1,644mm(62.4~ 64.7")
Tail Rotor Length / Diameter: 105mm(4.1") / 280mm (11.0") as standard
Main Gear / Pinion: 111T / 12T (standard), 11 or 13T (option)
Gear Ratio (E:M:T): 1:9.25:4.67 (standard)
Full Equipped Weight w/o Batt.: 3.65kg (8.05lbs)
Max. on Board:  2 x 6-cell connection in series, 6,100mAH


Key Features:

Rotor Head
Easy & fast conversion between flybared or flybarless rotor system
Hardened 15mm steel main shaft
Adjustable Bell-Hiller mixing ratio can be set for F3C or 3D (Raptor 90G4 & Raptor E720)
Aerodynamic carbon paddle (Raptor 90G4 & Raptor E720)
Collective pitch range +/-15 degrees (Raptor 90G4 & Raptor E720)

Main Body
High-quality, color shifting pre-printed FRP canopy
Lightweight and rugged landing skid for low center of gravity
Rigid 2mm carbon main frame
Lightweight, high- quality screws hardware 
All metal servo horns & control arms assembly eliminate the need for upgrades
Heavy-duty helical bevel tail gears
Lightweight, one-piece machined metal tail case
An easy conversion between nitro and electric powering

Tail System
All metal, high–precision & heavy-duty tail rotor system
Efficient torque tube drive system for crisp rudder response and 100% power transfer
Lightweight and vented, high-duty 17mm helical main gear
Innovative Quick-calibration system
Easy-install rudder rod guide
Lightweight one-piece metal tail boom bracket
3D carbon vertical fin and carbon tail boom support
Optional carbon horizontal fin available (Option parts)

Exclusive Key Features for E720 Electric Helicopter
Top mounted motor for better center of gravity
Bottom mounted ESC on the tail bracket for efficient heat dissipation & easy maintenance
Adjustable motor mount & pinion bearing block (applicable to a 6mm diameter motor shaft, a 35~38mm long shaft is recommended)
Quick-release battery tray

Items Required (Sold separately):

[8085] GT5 3-axis gyro system for Flybarless heli.

Radio Control
[RL-AT9S-M2] AT9S 10-Channel DSSS & FHSS Transmitter and 9-Channel R9DS Receiver

Hitec [
HS7940TH] [HS7945TH] [HS7950TH] [HS7954SH] [HS7980TH] or [HS7955TG] for Ali/Ele/Pitch.

Main Rotor Blades (you may choose from the following blades)
1. [
3893] 710mm Carbon Fiber Rotor Blades | Chord: 64mm | Root: 12mm | Bolt Hole: 5mm | Airfoil: Symmetrical
2. [
3894] 690mm Carbon Fiber Rotor Blades | Chord: 64mm | Root: 12mm | Bolt Hole: 5mm | Airfoil: Symmetrical
3. [
H6966C] 690mm 3D Colourful Carbon Fiber Blades, Chord: 61.5mm | Root: 12mm | Bolt Hole: 4-5mm | Airfoil: Symmetrical

Battery Charger
[IMAX-B6AC] B6AC 80W AC/DC Professional Balance Charger and Discharger

OBL50/05-90H 500kV no:2378 from TT but no available yet. or Brushless, 470 - 520kV, 450 - 470kV, Scorpion brand or Steve Neu 1912 520kv motor recommended (neither brand carried)
Pinion Gear: 12T (w/470 - 520kV motor) 13T (w/450 -470kV motor)
Battery: 12S (6S x 2) 5000 - 6000mAh at least 25C
ESC 80 - 120A

Click here for Replacement Spares/Optional Parts of Raptor G4.

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