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BLAZER 1280mm RC Trainer Electric Airplane, KIT


KIT only, electronics & transmitter required to complete

SGD 117.76
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This is a KIT version. Electronics are to be bought separately.



1. Blazer is mainly made of durable stiff EPO Foam. It is configured with two main wings (one for beginners and the other for experts). In this way, Blazer could be flown in two different ways according to preference.

2. With the trainer main wings, it can achieve stable flight with ease of control. Blazer would not stall under middle or lower speed flight. It also can finish inside loops, outside loops, inverted flight, axial roll and other aerobatic action.

3. With the sports main wings, it can achieve the high speed flight and flexible manipulation. Besides, it can finish loops, inverted flight, axial roll and other aerobatic action more smoothly.

4. With well-designed propellers, the efficiency is up to 6g/w. With the 1.1V 2200mAh LiPo battery, the flight time is about 8 to 12 minutes.

5. The modular design makes assembly a breeze. Main wings, horizontal wings, vertical wings and main landing gear could be assembled or disassembled easily, without glue or other tools. 100% convenient to carry around and maintain.

6. Featured with demountable design for front landing gear, it not only ensures structural strength but also aids shock absorption. The high strength aluminum alloy main landing gear is also demountable, ensuring convenience and durability.

7. Optimized structure, durable, crash-resistance, high practicality with a vivid color scheme, it is the best choice for any beginner.

8. Automatic heat dissipation function ensures high efficiency and prolongs the lifespan of the motor.

9. Aluminum alloy regulator is used for the connections between the elevator, rudder, front wheel joystick and servos which makes disassembly easy. The controlling steel wire could also be adjusted.

10. All servos are also detachable for easy maintenance.


(1) Trainer version: 1280mm / 50.40in
(2) Sports version: 1200mm / 47.25in

Length: 942mm / 37.09in
Weight: 1152g
Thrust rate: 1:1
Motor: Out runner brushless AT3511 KV750
Battery: LI-PO 11.1V 2200mAh 20C
ESC: 40A Brushless ESC
Servo: 9g*4
R/C System: 2.4Ghz 4ch E401 radio


Click here for manual.

Package Includes

1 x Fuselage
1 x Trainer Main Wings
1 x Sports Main Wings (tapered ends)
1 x Horizontal Stabilizer Wing
1 x Vertical Stabilizer Wing
1 x 2-Bladed Propeller
1 x Main Landing Gear (Fixed, no retracts mechanism)
1 x Front Landing Gear (Fixed, no retracts mechanism)
1 x Spinner
1 x Glue & Screws Set
1 x English User Manual

Package Excludes (required)

1 x Radio Control: At least 4 channel Transmitter and 5ch Receiver (RC Function: Aileron control, Elevator control, Rudder and Throttle)
1 x Li-Po Battery 11.1V 2200mAh 20C
1 x LiPo Battery Balance Charger 11.1V
4 x Servo
1 x Brushless Motor
1 x ESC

Additional Info

Box Weight without additional carton: 3 kg
Box Dimension without additional carton: 92*28*33cm

Additional carton / weight needed for overseas shipment.

Product Details

Data sheet

Product Type
PNP - Plug n Play
Skills Level
Beginner to Intermediate
Recommended Battery
11.1V - 3 Cell 3S
Length Range
500 - 1000mm
Wingspan Range
1000 - 2000mm



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