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Fun Facts of Bob Smith Industries (BSI) Glues

Posted on18-04-2019
Fun Facts of Bob Smith Industries (BSI) Glues

Bob Smith Industries Glues are always in popular demand for their high quality and affordable prices. We are gathering some fun facts from the BSI makers for you.


Best Way to Store BSI Glues

Exposure to heat and moisture are the two main factors in decreasing the shelf life of CA. If kept at normal room temperature (24°C / 74°F) and humidity levels, BSI’s regular CAs will have a shelf life of over two years. Unopened bottles can be stored in a freezer, but this offers little or no advantage over storage in a refrigerator. CA bottles can be stored in a sealed container inside the refrigerator to isolate them from moisture. Adding a desiccant (silica gel) to the container can extend the life of the CA to over four years. Opened bottles that are frequently used should not be put into into the fridge since condensation can occur inside the bottle. Accelerator should never be stored with CA.


“The Hobbit” Film Crew and Foam Safe Super-Gold

Did you know about 5% of the population can become sensitized to the fumes created by CA? The fumes are the evaporated form of the CA and can irritate some membranes in the body. The Super-Golds have a higher molecular weight and don’t emit these fumes. The makers of the new movie ‘The Hobbit’ are only allowing the Super-Golds to be used on the film’s set in New Zealand.


NASA, Volkswagen, Telsa, Ford, Nissan and More

Did you know that NASA, Northrop-Grumman, BAE Systems, Wright-Paterson AFB, Sandia Labs, Max Planck Institute, AAI, Siemens, Raytheon and many others uses BSI glues? They have all found BSI’s quality and performance matches or surpasses that of the leaders in industrial adhesives. Tesla Motors, Volkswagen, Gulfstream Aerospace, Ford and Nissan are the latest to be added. The consistent freshness of BSI’s products is a large factor in this. BSI’s network of hobby shops reports that a least 35% of their adhesive sales go outside the hobby. Word has gotten out that hobby shops have the best adhesives available for many industrial applications at a fraction of the cost.


Insta-Cure Gel Safe for use in Aquariums

All BSI CAs are aquarium safe. However, BSI's IC-Gel, which does very well with long term exposure to water, is the most popular to use for mounting live coral fragments (frags) to rocks underwater in aquariums.

Both hobbyists and commercial aquariums like Monterey Bay's use the IC-Gel. The CA does not release any toxins into the water and has no adverse effects on the propagation of the live coral. When a spot of IC-Gel is put on a frag and placed underwater, a very thin film of cured CA forms around the mound of glue. When pressed against a rock, this film breaks and the CA spreads to quickly bond the coral, all under water. The truly gel consistency of the IC-Gel is very convenient for many modeling applications. It can be shaped like a putty, then sprayed with Insta-Set. It will still bond parts in less than 20 seconds and has a shelf life of over 3 years.


Dental lab Usage of BSI Glues

BSI’s Insta-Set has become the favorite CA accelerator for many dental labs, industries and modelers. It is not flammable. It is foam safe and since they add a strawberry scent, it smells a little better. Insta-Set takes a few more seconds to cure the CA compared to many others, but that results in one of its primary strengths. Many accelerators create excessive heat that may cause the CA to become very brittle. Insta-Set has the least affect on the strength of CA, and its longer evaporation time (which some feel is its only drawback) actually helps cool the CA during the curing process.

Insta-Set is compatible with all surfaces, even clear plastic. It is also a great cleaner of adhesive tape residue and tree sap on automobiles.


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