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Tips to Avoid a Swollen Battery

Posted on28-11-2018
Tips to Avoid a Swollen Battery
1. Proper charging

– Use a quality battery charger. For safety, put batteries in liPo bag while charging. If you do not have a lipo bag, we highly recommend one. For about $10, you can ensure that if something goes wrong, it would at least be contained.


2. Do not over-discharge

– Always stop using your battery before voltage gets to the minimum cut-off voltage (3.6V per cell). E.g. Connect the battery to a buzzer. It would alert you of when to stop using the battery. Get one today. See [ BUZZER1-8S ] or BX100 ]


3. Heat kills batteries

– Do not use batteries or charge batteries when they are warm. After you’re done using them, give them a little time to cool off before you charge them. And after you are done charging them, give them a little time before you use them.


4. Proper storage

– Do not store your batteries in a hot location. (For example, don’t keep them in the trunk of your car during in the summer.) 

– Also, store LiPos at the proper storage voltage (proper LiPo storage voltage = about 3.8V per cell). Too low or too high a voltage will damage the battery. Lithium-Polymer batteries can be damaged by sitting fully charged for as little as a week. Most modern chargers have storage mode that could discharge batteries properly for storage.

The article we referenced from showed that swelling increased significantly after only 4 hours of storage when batteries were at a state of charge above 80%.

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